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Developing a platform
for a better Mexico.

Scope of Work





Cesar (to cease) is a digital experience and crowd sourced campaign for lower class Mexican citizens to protest poverty, drug violence and corruption. This protest comes in the form of a karaoke application and message board website, allowing the people to build the campaign themselves. 

Problem Statement & key focus points

The socio-political landscape of modern mexico hosts government corruption, cartel activity and economic collapse. What I looked to answer was how mexico could address these issues in an era where protest is drowned out by the 24 hour news cycle. Citizens have been protesting these issues for decades, what use does technology hold in modern protests movements and what can create change rather then add to the noise?

Research Methods

Quantitative research


Online interviews

User journey

Being based in London, the source of my research came from engaging with citizens on Reddit. I reached out to 10 active users who acknowledged their pain points. 


Social Status

The class system of Mexico’s population makes up 50 percent of the country living in poverty. The majority of Mexico’s upper class has the opportunities to stay out of cartel activity, with the other half of the country fighting for work opportunities. This focused my audience on the lower class.


A lower class citizen’s voice has no platform to speak without repercussion, many choosing to protest in the streets, or using social media. The problems with these platforms are the emphasis they put on the issues are only temporary until they are overwhelmed by something else. 


The safety to speak freely in Mexico is underwhelmed by the reputations of the government and the cartel. It is important that the identities of the people remain confidential to ensure their safety. 

Optimism & Hope

Media and public perception of the country puts a negative view on the issues and Mexico as a whole. A step in the right direction would be to reduce that perception and emphasize positivity. 


Opportunities within the lower class are challenged by the governments bad education system. This makes things increasingly difficult for Mexicans to climb the social ladder or maintain economic stability. Many individuals turn to the cartel for these reasons with no other way to make money. 


With these insights in mind I began the ideation phase and found the connections between the voice of protest, mariachi music and the typographic landscape of Mexico’s cities to be the best direction to move forward. These intentions alongside quantitative research of Mexico’s technology availability brought me to consider a mobile application and website as the best method of interacting with citizens. 

Prototyping & testing

developing a lo-fi prototype helped communicate the projects intentions and receive useful feedback from my Reddit audience.