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Simplifying a complex vertical marketing tool.

Scope of Work

Web Design


MediaAlpha is a software service that allows companies to find vertical search solutions for their business. Websites, such as kayak and sky scanner, use MediaAlpha to connect with industries such as the airlines or insurance to advertise deals to customers. I was tasked at Motion Tactic with re-designing their website, to simplify the communication of their offering.

Site Map

After dissecting the brief, my colleagues provided me with a site map to understand the overall site structure and provide a foundation for the website wireframes.


Using a low fidelity wireframe structure, the site was mapped out with background from the client as to the overall information architecture on each page. 

Mood-boarding & Brand Guide

following approval of the wire-framing structure of the site, I began to investigate the overall
extension of the company’s brand and communication. The clients overall intention was to maintain a sense of
transparency in their visual language, so a three color approach with a single typeface was adopted. 

Full Design

To set the client apart from their competitors, and simplify the communication of their complex offering,
a two color illustrative style was utilized to summarize each section. These sections were then considered to 
be utilized as interactive elements to navigate other parts of the site. 


Following approval of the final site design, I visualized the movements of the 2 color illustrative style 
and worked with the development team to implement the animation files from after effects to JSON.